Thursday, January 28, 2010

who shops here?

There are stores like this one all over 
midtown and I always wonder
who buys this stuff. Oh, wait—maybe
that's why they're going out of business.
(Except that these places are always "going
out of business" but somehow never do.)


  1. I have often wondered the same thing!
    I'm guessing tourists must shop here.

  2. When my daughter was in college, studying "cinéma", she sometimes found small unpaid jobs making film sets. She would either go at the flea market or in that kind of shop according to the budget.
    Imagine, you have to recreate a XVIth century room or a Belle Epoque .....
    BTW, my word verification is : seasun !
    My dream ! We are expecting some snow today !

  3. Ditto. I guess people who have big bucks but no desire to travel to find something maybe less expensive in another country do. (That was a poorly-constructed sentence....)

    But I do love to browse!

  4. That suit of armour must be devilish to clean. No wonder it hasn't been 'snapped up' yet.

  5. i bet it would be fun to browse through all that stuff! who knows what kind of interesting finds i'd come across!

  6. My first thought was how the shop looked ready made for furnishing a movie set (there is a clip of Woody Allen’s “Small Time Crooks” part 5 at YouTube but the clip is too long to expect someone to endure). So Marylène and I are on the same wavelength. However, the weather here is sunny and 19ºC (57ºF). No snow for me.

    Is this a contemporary look at what the American Dream has become? From catering to the nouveau riche to becoming nouveau pauvre?

    Thanks to Shell I keep imagining the wearer of the suit of armor in a duel. “Stop! Wait! There is a hint of tarnish on my cuirass. Let me polish that out. And don’t you even think about striking my greaves. If you chip that lovely mottled blue enamel I’ll be so angry that these holes in my visor shall become steam vents!”

    Love the “dragon tooth” dents in “St. George”’s hollow sword.

  7. “Noooooo! That wasn’t just some decorative bromeliad that was growing out of the top of my helmet that you just chopped off, you fool. That was a pineapple plant, I’ll have you know, and far from being ready for harvesting.

    “It’s time I Dole™d out some punishment of my own!"

  8. TG -- Thanks for the link, Prez. Now I think I have to put that movie in my Netflix queue and watch the whole thing again. I was dial-switching last night when I turned the TV on a few minutes before the State of the Union address, and I happened upon MTV Cribs. This store really reminds me of the over-the-top, unnecessary, impractical, tacky crap some of those rappers and athletes have in their houses. (Must admit, though—I thoroughly enjoyed 50 Cents' tour of his 6-kitchen, 16-bedroom home.)

  9. Why do I see so little comparison with 50-Cent’s crib and the one I spend a lot of time away from? You can tell the last one is kind of old by how dark my beard is.

  10. It is amazing how some stores make their business by going out of business, isn't it? Happens here, too!

  11. TG -- I like your crib better!


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