Wednesday, January 20, 2010

abc wednesday - A is for "arches"

Specifically, l'arc du Carrousel and l'Arc
de Triomphe, with the Luxor Obelisk at place 
de la Concorde in between.  Maybe
if I was a lot taller you'd be able to see the arch 
at la Défense, which lines up with these two.

[See how others interpreted this one here.]


  1. love how you've framed this. & it's perfect for today's "A"

  2. The green hedge adds a nice dimension to this photo.

  3. Nice perspective !
    I realize I am longing to see so much green ! Only black, grey and "burnt by the snow" colors right now !!!

  4. I was about to say what Chuck said! The lush greenery in the foreground really sets it off beautifully.

  5. Or else you could climb on one of the statues in the Tuileries! :)

    Many a time I passed through or beside this arch.

  6. I was thinking in terms of this.

    Something about your photo has me shivering with deja vu.

    Can I say I remember the pink marble columns? Nope.

    Speak of the devil, if one is to regard Michael’s secret code of, was it last month? isn’t Thursday a certain person’s certain 50th? I recently trounced him by 10. And, man, I'm really beginning to feel it.

  7. Hi!
    Very nice Arch! I like all the green around it. Makes it stand out really well. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  8. Marvelous shot, beautiful composition and, I, too love the greenery, it adds the perfect touch. Such a beautiful place! Have a great day, Alexa!


  9. A well framed photo - the composition is wonderful!

  10. Great choice. I'd love to visit someday.

  11. Thanks, all—you're too kind. And, TG, you're too funny. (I didn't copy Eric, I swear! I already had this scheduled when he posted that.)

  12. Nice original shot - framing it offcentre makes it different!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thanks for taking part this week! :)


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