Thursday, January 14, 2010

walkin' the dog

Saw a professional dog walker the other
day and didn't get the shot. (I hate it when
that happens, don't you?) But I had this
one in the archives. This guy's job could
definitely be tougher.


  1. I can never get over how anyone can handle walking this many pups at once! I can barely handle my little Yorkie.
    I guess that is what makes them a Pro!

  2. i love dogs but i don't think i can handle walking 4 big dogs!

  3. I missed a classic shot in Manhattan's Upper West side of a really well-dressed dog walker accompanied by equally posh pups, 8 of them. Too slow on the shutter button. I like your photo, and you gotta admire these guys/gals!

  4. I laughed at your “tougher” addendum.

    When the going gets tough the professionals get going. What tangled webs they weave.

  5. They'd walk all over me, but I'd love that job, in theory, at least! Fun shot, Alexa!


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