Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Eric!

Eric of Paris Daily Photo (aka our hero and the
man who invented the daily photo blog) is
having a big birthday today. In his honor, I've
chosen a photo taken from "the famous Tenin
perspective." Eric, this is the road that leads to
the rest of your life—see how long and straight
and free of obstacles it is! Merci bien for your
inspiration and your friendship. Have a very bon
anniversaire and many many more, mon capitain!


  1. Fantastic, Alexa! What a great shot.

    I didn't know what you meant about my suggestion until I saw this. Now I do. It was actually Kim's suggestion and I seconded it. I think what we're going to do is a theme day on Paris Daily Photo's 5 year anniversary March 11th.

  2. This is so beautiful Alexa, so thoughtful. You are a gem.
    Love this shot and everything about this post, so true!

  3. Excellent, Alexa! Great tribute to Eric, and the symbolism is wonderful!

  4. Scared me for a minute--thought they'd moved up the PDP theme day! Bon anniversaire, alors, to Eric, from one Aquarian to another.

    Great photo and accompanying text!

  5. Welldone, Alexa ;-) Nice shot, and nice interpretation!

  6. nice shot! :)

  7. Petrea -- guess my memory is going too. Thanks to Kim as well—and I'll be doing that on 3/11 too (which also happens to be my mom's 90-year anniversary!). I'm looking forward to all the Tenin perspectives that day. Hope everyone puts a link on PDP.

  8. A beautiful tribute, Alexa!! Happy birthday to dear Eric!

  9. The link on PDP is a great idea. Out of 1100-some-odd blogs, I doubt if most will be doing the theme. Then again, I've been wrong before! There will also be the theme page with thumbnails to find people, I think. It's on the official "themes" page with the "click here to view participants" stuff.

  10. Excellent tribute to le Roi de CDP! I think I know where this is. :)


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