Tuesday, January 19, 2010

more terrace envy

Spotted this one recently. It's right on 5th
Avenue overlooking Central Park, and I might
ever be able to afford it (but just maybe)
if I won the lottery.


  1. Soooo jealous !! Overlooking Central Park !!!
    As I often say when looking at some apartements in Paris : I could just be able to pay for the balcony !! I

  2. Assuming you picked the right lottery ... must be an amazing view!

  3. Well, if I win the lottery, we'll do a timeshare....

    I love rooftop places.

  4. The view from those windows must be pretty gorgeous, too. I love the twirly topiary!! And I can see you up there, Alexa. Here's to that lottery win.

  5. Yes, here's to that lottery win. To be honest, if I ever won my view would probably be of Paris. But you're all invited!

  6. I'm gonna buy one and you can come and stay whenever you want, Contessa.


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