Monday, January 4, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Might as well stay in the same neighborhood as 
yesterday. That church (Santa Maria Sopra
Minerva) is right behind the Pantheon. I love
walking up this street (via Seminario) toward the 
Pantheon very early in the morning when
the bulk of the tourists are still asleep.

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  1. Hi Alexa, I love this picture and I love this place! Rome is so beautiful... You are a great connoisseur about Italy. Rome, Venice and New York City : at least three passions we share. Many thanks for your nice presence on Venice Daily. I'm always delighted by how you know Venice so well... Arrivederci ;-)

  2. Lovely shot. I love sharing trips with travelers as I sit on my sofa.

  3. Pierre -- Merci bien. Until I can get there again. your wonderful photos are the next best thing!

    Irene -- so do I!

  4. Nothing like a many-millennia-old city to present interesting contrasts in architecture.


  5. Alexa, thanks to you, I love NYC, but I'm always happy for you to digress to Italy ~ this is a beauty!

  6. i was there during my italy trip last october! :)


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