Saturday, January 2, 2010

Photo Hunter — "lick"

Looked through the archives for a good
shot of some Italian gelato—no luck, though
I can't imagine why I wouldn't have lots and lots 
of shots of something I've consumed SO 
much of! Instead, here are two of my
favorite friends. In this case, I guess you'd have 
to say that lick=kiss (at least one step
above even the most delish Italian gelato).


  1. Oh, how beautiful, Alexa! I wonder if this little one did consume something tasty just before you came along.

  2. Actually, Shell, the dog just loves her that much. She and I were having a great time playing with her dolls (mine is the one with the groovy sunglasses, of course). Am enjoying some R&R in the country, with limited Internet access. Back in NYC and visiting all my blog pals tomorrow night.

  3. I wouldn't call it a nice kiss but certainly a very friendly one !!!

  4. this picture is adorable :)

    happy new year!


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