Wednesday, January 27, 2010

abc wednesday - B is for "berries"

When I was down in Virginia recently, it was
VERY cold—which made waking up to the sight 
of this beautiful little holly tree 
right outside my window even more special.

[See how others interpreted "B" here.]


  1. Hollies, New York, a stuttering alphabet, dancing; are we on a theme?

    Those holly berries look like just the breakfast for local birds. Hmm. Local birds—see above under dancer.

  2. Holly tree, one of my favorite spot of color and light during Winter, along with a blooming "laurier tin" (viburnum tinus) or "jasmin d'hiver (this one I don't know the official name !)....
    I love your picture !!

  3. Mighty pretty! I love holly.

  4. Holly is excellent for brightening up a dreary day, isn't it? Nice capture, too!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week. :)

  5. The saying, "Bright as a button," could be replaced with, "Bright as a berry." Very cheery, Alexa!

  6. Beautiful capture! Love those red berries! Makes such a bright and beautiful spot in a cold, gray world!
    Have a great day!


  7. Boffo berries - bright and beautiful.

    Ramblin' with Roger

  8. I love these bright berries!
    a perfect Winter antidote & B post as well.

  9. Hmm, bright berries. But, why didn't you post Brandy or bottles, or booze from yesterday's store??? I need a drink, not fruit!

  10. Thanks, all!

    TG -- wow—an oldie but goodie from "my era." Gotta love those puffy sleeves (or not).

    Marylene -- apparently, the common name is another latin name: laurustinus (but we just call it a holly tree).

    Chuck -- if only they were juniper berries—then we could make some gin. Cheers!

  11. BTW, Chuck -- your timing is impeccable. That photo wasn't actually supposed to show up until 2/1 (and it will then). Just had Verizon Fios installed: It's supposed to be lightning-quick but so far it's about half as fast as it was before. Gotta do something about that.


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