Friday, January 22, 2010

Skywatch Friday

This is the Sherry Netherland Hotel, at 5th
and 59th. My high-school French teacher's
parents actually lived here. Wonder if they'd
be able to afford it now.
BTW, this place has pretty much the 
same view as Tuesday's terrace.

[Check out more Skywatch pix here.]


  1. Wow! a cool 10 mil & change? my dear dear word!
    I wonder if the room service & beauty shop are included in the maintenance?
    great skywatch Alexa.

  2. Wow! is right! Great skywatch indeed, Alexa! Have a great weekend!


  3. I was just about to have things go into escrow and then I finally noticed the “evening turndown service.” I get turned down enough in the evening without paying for it.

    Thanks for showing us a world and a view I can scarcely imagine.

  4. A beautiful building and wonderful sky

  5. Nice, nice. You'll have a great view of the sky and what's below from one of those top rooms.

  6. Pointy-topped Doo-dad. {Very expensive one!} A beautiful skyline, Alexa.

    LOL, TG!!

  7. Wow too !! I don't think I could at least afford the balcony. It had to be a special value lottery !!!!!!
    Nice PTDD and Skywatch anyway...

  8. Thanks! You're all invited when I win that lottery. And, TG, we'll let you turn down your own bed.


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