Sunday, January 3, 2010

shadow Shot Sunday

Seems sort of appropriate since some of
us just celebrated this child's birthday.
This is in the church of Santa Maria
Sopra Minerva, in Rome. There's a lot
of art and sculpture in that church
that's much more interesting than this—
but I actually took this picture for the shadows. 

[and that was long before I discovered SSS]


  1. Very pretty shadows, Alexa. We watched Angels & Demons the other night and it was beautiful seeing some of Rome again.

  2. Ombre de circonstance comme tu le dis.
    Epiphanie aujourd'hui, nous allons manger la Galette des Rois, qui aura la fève ?

  3. these are beautiful shadows Alexa. & the light is so pretty too.
    happy New Year friend!

  4. That little Jewish kid and his mom sure look Calabrese. Odd, donsha think?



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