Monday, January 11, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

This photo was taken by my daughter Kate
on a trip to Greenland.  To make up for the lack of light
much of the year, the houses are painted in bright colors.
To make up for the lack of trees, grass must
be planted wherever it can be (or so Kate was told).

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  1. wow! this is so cool, how smart of they to go with the bright colors.
    & I had no idea Greenland hadn't any trees. Come to think of it, I know so little about Greenland.

  2. A nice picture, lots of information, a great way to start the week, thank you !

  3. No trees? Sigh. Even Malta has a few.

    Love the shredded mists. And, thanks for pointing it out, they may have completely evaded these tired eyes: I like the vivid primary colors (muted though they may be in the glorious overcast).

    Warm, warm warm. Sun sun sun. So-Cal can be so boring. (But we do have some nice trees about. Petrea’s jacarandas come to mind).

  4. I had no idea ~ I'd have a hard time with all those primary colours and no trees. Guess I'll shelve the move to Greenland after all.

    Lovely photo, Katie!

  5. No trees? Well, that would be strange, but I really like how the place looks with all those 'toy' houses.

  6. Picture perfect! From a far they look like toy houses!


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