Wednesday, January 13, 2010

abc wednesday - Z is for "zoo"

These are the charming sea lions that
put on a show for the folks at the
Central Park Zoo a couple of times a day. 
When I was a kid, for a long while
I wanted to be one of the keepers. Still
think that would be a really cool job.

[Wonder how many others chose "zoo"—
check it out here.]


  1. I thought they were sculptures at first glance. That somewhat archaic background is not one we often associate with seals.

    Looks almost like they realized they were barking up the wrong trees.

    Actually, there are times when I am downright envious of Seals; like here.

  2. Same for me, I had to enlarge the picture to discover that they were not made of bronze (?) !
    Surprise !
    Nice link, TG ! Do we share ? The kind of Seals I'd rather like in real than as a statue ....

  3. I third that ~ bronzes were my first thought! They are gleaming.

    LOL, TG et Marylène ~ you're not alone, I suspect.

  4. Tall Gary beat me to it. I too thought they were sculptures. What a pair of cuties.

  5. Ditto. Athletic creatures, aren't they?

  6. One of my wish this year is to visit the Zoo, I've never been to a Zoo here in MI. thanks for sharing!


  7. I thought the same thing as most-bronze sculptures!
    They really are so beautiful.

  8. Thanks all. Believe me, these sweet creatures are very much alive!
    TG & Marylene -- you crack me up.

  9. They do look like sculptures, don't they? How funny!

  10. An unusual photo and subjects. Very nicely captured!


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