Saturday, January 30, 2010

photo Hunter — "spotted"

Oh, why did I already post a picture of our
new snow leopards?  Oh well, this will have to do.  
This is the Puck Building, in Soho.
I love these cool cast iron steps, inset with
glass, that are lit from below. BTW, if you
ever watched the show Will and Grace, you'll
recognize the Puck Bldg. as the one where
Grace supposedly had her office.

[See more spots here.]


  1. I love those shades of blue and burnt orange and they go so well with the colors of the background of your site and the bright burnt orange of your icon photo.

    The steps are visually stunning (do you ever get tired of hearing this description of your images?), but they puzzle me. After popping off the top half of an Oreo™ cookie most people work on the cream fillings instead of dropping them.

  2. This is really pretty. I so love these old buildings with all their little details. I've been meaning to buy the complete series of Will and Grace. I enjoy it when I just happen upon a rerun.

  3. Oh, that is gorgeous. It must look sensational at night, too!!

  4. What a cool picture!
    Mine's up, too..

  5. Yeah that is why when I see the photo it looks familiar then I read you note that is where I saw this picture hehe! Thanks for sharing I spot it right away :)

    Spotted Bunny

  6. I agree... I lke this shot too.

  7. Gorgeous shot -- the spots are almost dizzying.

  8. Those are steps? How cool is that?!

  9. good take on photohunt, would have like to see them lit up

  10. Great job on finding spots and nice photo. Certainly another interesting theme with lots of different takes. I’m glad I came and saw yours.

    I took a little different angle. You can drop by and check mine here.

  11. this is so cool. I love the way those steps light up.

  12. I echo your fondness for this building facade. The inlaid glass steps are wonderful!


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