Tuesday, January 26, 2010

got knives?

When I was a kid (waaay back in the mid-20th
century), there was a guy who came around our
neighborhood in a truck just like this one, and
all the moms would go out with their knives and
scissors to get them sharpened. I really thought
this kind of business no longer existed anywhere
in NYC—but apparently I was wrong! 
 Is there anything like this where you are?

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  1. Some local cutlery shops in Seattle offer sharpening. I've never seen a mobile operation here, though. I did see a knife sharpener working on the sidewalk in NYC Chinatown, however.

  2. Nope, not exactly, but we still have some really specialized stores. Check my blog this Wednesday to see one!

    When I was a kid, also mid-20th, we had an 'egg man' and a 'meat man,' who came around in vans to sell just that. Ding, ding, and we'd run out.

  3. We had in the mid-20th Helm’s Bakery trucks. Oh, the fragrance when they opened these drawers.

    Milk man, ice cream truck, mobile pest exterminators.


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