Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Road trip! I don't drive myself (like De Niro, I'm
a native New Yorker—I heard that the first time he had 
to drive in a film it quickly became clear
that he didn't know how. When they asked him
if he had a driver's license he said, "What for?  
live in New York.").  But I love tooling down a
beautiful country road, with Syrius Radio tuned to the 
Sixties station and everyone singing along
at top volume. With any luck, the other people in the 
car won't care that I can't sing to save my life!

[See more shadow shots here.]


  1. Oh! ROADTRIP!! Yes! Very nice shadow shot. And on a road trip you are definitely allowed to sing, even if you can't carry a tune. It's the law -- roadtrip and the shower ;>) (From the Pacific Northwest originally where there is nearly NO public transportation. But there should be.)

  2. Nice story about De Niro. Know the feeling.

    Those shadows and your singing story had me imagining those road shadows as record grooves ("What are those?” might be the cry of youth).

    Then I thought of this. It sure would be a lot nicer with some sixties tunes.

  3. I love roads like that... You sound like fun to go on a road trip with too! I love singing along as I tool along!
    ~Really Rainey~

  4. Another Winter shot. The kind of Winter I'd rather have, cold but bright and sunny !!
    The weather I am dreaming to have today, a sunny Sunday in my hard ....
    I learn't something I didn't know about De Niro and, for me, Roadtrip = USA = nostalgia.....
    Thank you !
    Une bonne photo vous parle, vous rappelle et vous interpelle. Comme les tiennes !!

  5. I love the depth in this pic Alexa, thanks for sharing.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  6. I remember reading that about DeNiro! This is such a terrific shot for the day! The road to anywhere! And such great shadows! Hope you have a great week, Alexa! And, yes, this is from Seattle where what transportation they have, is crappy!


  7. Well, if you can't drive and can't sing, I guess that leaves you free to make nice road images! Love the road stretching out and all the cross-shadows. Nice.

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  9. Beautiful road and great pic. The road is definitely yours! A road trip in America is certainly one of the things I love the most. Thanks for the treat. And please wait for me next time, I'll sing along ;-)


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