Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome to Macy's

. . . ALL decked out for the season. They
must spend so much on the Thanksgiving
Parade, then on all this inside and out.
And yet, definitely not the most expensive
store in town. Still, I've certainly plunked
down a few bucks here over the years.
So what's your fave place to shop?


  1. I'm loving seeing your iconic NYC spots in their Christmas clothes, Alexa! Actually, it seems a while since I've done much shopping offline ~ Etsy has been my recent haunt. Damn those cute little felt and upcycled-fabric animals.

  2. For me : the Strand to increase my collection of books about NYC, Farmerers Market, on Union Square, for some nice ginger cakes, and yes, Macy's for some shirts or typically american T-shirts...

  3. I always try to grab a bit of this in the holiday season.

  4. So grandfather used to take me to Macy's at Christmas. Need something like this to cheer me up... sick....hope not the you-know-what....

  5. Hey! That's me, Bibi, on the last comment--using a different Gmail account just now!

  6. Shell -- yeah, who can resist those?
    Pierre -- right now, they're also having a really good Christmas market at Union Square, with lots of crafty but good things.
    TG -- you and every other guy I know. :~}
    Bibi -- you were already sick—no repeats allowed!

  7. I still laugh before I look at TG's links... and after, of course.


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