Wednesday, December 16, 2009

abc wednesday - V is for "vino"

This bottle was shared, along with some local
pesto pizza, by my brother and me and 
our friends before a hike in the Cinque Terre.
If you ever have the opportunity of enjoying
any or all of those experiences—don't pass it up!

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  1. Some years ago I heard that there was an Adopt-a-Vineyard program in Cinque Terre. I have wondered how it is coming along. When I looked into it earlier this decade one could choose the municipality (if that is the right word) one wanted to get going near. What place would you favor, Alexa?

    Nice, short little video about Cinque Terre in the middle of this page.

    The vineyard terraces can be so steep that using mechanization such as these nearly vertical monorails comes easy.

    Me? Too old and with a bad back. Don’t speak Italian.

  2. Why “pesto”? Check out pesto’s origins down the Ligurian coast from Cinque Terre in Genova.

  3. Nice pic, too bad there is no label to know what kind of wine ! Maybe you remember ?
    If you're in a hurry before Christmas, you can use the same view for Shadow Shot Sunday !!

  4. Oh, yes, pass the vino, but make mine red.

  5. I love pesto on pizza! Just another idyllic scene in Italy, hey Alexa. :)

  6. Sounds marvelous to me!!! Good food, good Vino, good friends -- doesn't get any better!! And it would be a great shadow shot for Sunday as well!!

    Enjoy your day, Alexa!


  7. Dear Marylène,

    It surely must be the eponymous wine known as (if you can believe it) Cinque Terre. You can read about the two Cinque Terre wines from about the fourth paragraph down on this page.

    One more look at the vertiginous vineyard terraces of Cinque Terre where that wine comes from.

  8. Feeling a little tipsy. Could it be the wine?

  9. TG, thank you for the information !!
    I've never been to Cinque Terre and am not very educated about Italian wines !!!
    Maybe a little "chauvine" as far as wine and cheese are concerned....

  10. Wow, TG—I think you need to go enjoy Cinque Terre, not that you (or any of us now) have anything left to learn about it—though we can still taste the pesto.

    Marylene -- maybe you want to join TG. P.S., I can use this shot for Weekend Reflections too!

  11. What a lovely tipsy bottle.

    On behalf of the Team, thanks for your post.

  12. A perfect vignette of what sounds like a perfect moment. Weary muscles and bones, good food and drink and good companionship!


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