Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday

Decided to stay in the same neighborhood
from yesterday's post. This is one of the
fabulous villas that line the Viale Evangelista
Torricelli (which leads to Viale Galileo, which
takes you to San Miniato, which brings us
back to yesterday).  It's a 30- to 40-minute
walk to the center of Florence from here,
and I'd definitely take it for the privilege of 
living in a place like this.

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  1. What a marvelous shadow shot! I love it! I love Italy, wish I could visit again!



  2. Pareil pour moi !
    Avec juste un peu du soleil italien pour nous réchauffer ! Bon dimanche à tous et toutes.

  3. Anch'io, Sylvia—me too!
    And we could use a bit of Italian sunshine here too, Marylene. Bon dimanche a toi, aussi.

  4. Oooohhh. Aaaaah. Thank you for another little piece of Italy, Alexa. I never tire of these!

  5. Beautiful lacy ironwork! I love the colour of the building too.

  6. what a lovely shot, such beautiful colours and shadows. I love Italy....

  7. If you look through the door, outside at the far end of the garden (not good Feng Shui, by the way) you might be able to see the “The Lady with the Lamp” singing beautifully: for within the trees is the one and only Florence Nightingale.

    I can almost bear not being in the spot you have pictured, Alexa, because of this.

    I, too, love the color and the architecture. Here in Southern California we have a lot of ersatz Mediterranean architecture but most of it looks like it would collapse into a rubble of matchsticks if two people sneezed at the same time; that and tapping a hollow wall would result in an echoing rumble reverberating down the block like the thunder to soon hit your (our) beloved Firenze. So thanks for showing us here our roots. “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.”

  8. Almost looks like a rug in front of the gate!

  9. LOL, TG. And yet . . . Let's see—sunny in NYC, raining in Firenze. Still a tough decision. Here in nyc, I'm back at work tomorrow rain or shine. There, I can always ride out the rain by staring at him for a day or two.

  10. I love this decorative shadow shot.


  11. You made me laugh, Alexa. But you do know, of course, that David recently returned to Florence after a 2-year tour of the U.S. You could have a lot more to look at than just his face.


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