Wednesday, December 23, 2009

abc wednesday - W is for "window"

This is my favorite one of Bloomingdale's
windows this year—fun if you don't 
mind being part of the display—which I 
sort of do, but whatever . . .

[And you can find more abc wednesday here.]


  1. What a great shot for the W day, Alexa! I love it!

    Enjoy your week! Sending you and yours the very best wishes for a joyous and Merry Christmas!


  2. I’m sure The Smile-O-Matics were just going through the motions up until our esteemed blogging photographer showed up and instilled true smiles in both them as well as us.

    OK, they’ve got the smiling part down pat, but can they do “Raindrops Keep falling on My Head” like certain talented actresses we are aware of?

  3. Alexa you look so cute standing there with your camera!

  4. I like the window, but where is your smile? ;)

    Happy Christmas from the Netherlands

  5. Oh, now ~ that's cute on so many levels, Alexa!!

  6. Smile though you're heart is breaking...such an odd window; but a good photo.

  7. TG—Now I'm completely envious of Ms. Knightly. Not only does she get to be in movies with Johnny Depp, but she can also do THAT. Wow—what talent!
    Mara—my smile is where it always is: behind my camera with my spare chin!

  8. I want that mask! Great W post. Happy holidays!


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