Saturday, December 5, 2009

photo hunter - "curved"

This is Viale Galileo, a beautiful, curving
road just outside the Porta Romana 
(the southern gate of Florence).  Take this
route for a picturesque walk up to
views of the city.

[You can see more curves here at PhotoHunter.]


  1. Not the first thing I think of when I read about curves in Italy. Although, if I were a few decades younger and more flush with cash by several thousandfolds I might consider taking the attractive and equally curvaceous path you have showed us, and follow it to the destination you have pointed out; even if those curves of my imagination were dressed like this. A lot of hopeless ifs that I should be thankful for. I’m too old for this stuff now.

  2. Nice curves, Alexa. :)

    TG, you're in fine form!

  3. I HAVE to go to Florence !
    Was supposed to be our next destination after the East Cost ! Don't know yet when it is going to happen.....
    TG, so glad you're back, you always make my day !!!

  4. Ha! I knew before I opened the comments that someone would comment on Italian curves, and sure enough, TG did.

    I would follow this curved road!

    BTW, on my way back from India over my Xmas break, I'm stopping in Doha, Qatar, to visit some American friends teaching there. I have been advised to wear clothing that covers up my curves.... :)

  5. A beautiful curve indeed. I love Italy and it's many beautiful places. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful photo. I'd love to be walking that road in Florence today!

  7. I love long winding roads, especially ones in Italy!


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