Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Or maybe he's just obsessed.
We got a big snowfall here Saturday night,
and I was impressed to see this runner
heading into Prospect Park well after dark, at
 the height of the storm. Guess he figured he 
was safe enough—you don't usually find a lot 
of muggers lurking about in a blizzard.

[You can see more of That's My World Tuesday right here.]


  1. Are you sure he wasn’t running from something?

    Speaking of snow and men...

  2. TG -- I am so inspired! if it wasn't pushing 1 a.m., I'd go out right now and build a true Hobbesian snowman.

  3. Wow, in the cold, dark and after snow! Maybe he's trying to get rid of the calories he plans on putting on in the next few days. :)

  4. I'm inclined to go along with A Blog in the Rough, maybe this guy is trying to get rid of the calories he plans on putting on in the next few day???? Who knows??

    Whatever, I hope he comes home safely to enjoy a lovely holiday.

    The same lovely holiday I wish for you and yours! Enjoy!


  5. wow that's dedication! i'm always impressed by the joggers around our village who jog even at 10pm!


  6. I would definitely be into doing that! I've always been a night owl & I bet it's beautiful in the park at night in the snow.

  7. what dedication! or he's probably running from something.:p

    i love the photo, by the way.

  8. Very admirable, but could he do yoga in the park in the snow and dark, I wonder...

  9. It must be beautiful out there after the snow! There seems to be a lot of snow this year...maybe some of it will drift south!

  10. I would never actually do this myself, but I imagine it is very calming to run in the dark when it is so quiet!


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