Thursday, December 17, 2009

red and green

When it comes to wrapping presents, I
firmly believe that it's all about the ribbon!
If this store hadn't been closed and
shuttered when I went by the other night,
I definitely would have bought the red
ribbon with the polka-dots—and probably
wouldn't have stopped there!


  1. I like the red and gold one.
    Wish I had just left to select a ribbon instead of having first to get ideas and buy presents !!!
    Are you sure Christmas hasn't been moved to January 25 th this year ? So I might be on time .......

  2. I like ALL ribbon, Marylene! And I'd be SO happy if they moved Christmas up a month. However, my entire family will show up at my house on Dec. 25, ready or not!

  3. I love ribbon too Alexa! Ribbon seems to transform every package it is wrapped in. & everyone always comments on packages wrapped in ribbon too.

  4. Absolutely ~ a beautiful ribbon, abundantly applied, elevates all wrapping to great heights!

  5. I must be hungry...I thought these were little tins of foie gras....

    But I like ribbon, too!

  6. Alexa, your choice might be good wrapping a plush toy.

  7. ophyerBibi --you must have been VERY hungry!
    Lily & Shell—we're all in agreement, then—it's all about the ribbon!
    TG—once again, amazed and delighted.


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