Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York at Night (4)

It figures that the subway station at Times
Square would have its fair share of glitz and
color, and probably more than its fair share
of wattage use. I'm thinking our carbon
footprint, in this neighborhood especially,
is not anything to brag about.


  1. Nice post but you're right about the carbon footprint !
    Here people try to print the following message in people's mind :
    "It cannot be good for you if it is bad for your planet"
    Not so easy....

  2. I love this brightly lit Ad Alexa-great shot!
    My thinking is we should all give up just a little extra so Times Square can stay all lit up. But that is a total fantasy I know. Ok, so maybe they can use some green energy?

  3. True about the carbon, alas, but all the bad stuff here makes for a great photo....

  4. A funky and vibrant scene, Alexa ~ positively electrifying! Maybe they are aiming for leaving a carbon Yeti-print instead of a footprint.

    wv is 'gomen'. Short for 'green omen'???

  5. Times Square's electric bill is one thing, but
    New York City's carbon-emissions score is actually one of the lowest in the country. That's because we all ride the subway or the electric busses—or we walk!


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