Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photo Hunter — "fast"

The express train came tearing through
Vernazza in the Cinque Terre—going so fast 
it seemed as though we could see
through it! (Though, apparently, we
actually could see through it—how is that
possible?) Anyway, this is exactly 
how I feel about the approaching holidays, 
and I'm so NOT ready.

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  1. Incredible shot !!
    You always surprise me, Alexa !

    As for Christmas, welcome to the club !!
    Nothing prepared, nothnig bought (and I have many relatives !!) 10 cm of snow, not so much but when roads not cleaned ..... I may end using snowshoes to get to the mall !!!!
    But, don't ask me why, I don't really feel it this year.
    Too much trouble in the world, too many " laissés pour compte" I see where I volunteer. Chirstmas is slowly becoming something artificial and only commercial to me.

  2. As Marylène says, that's an incredible shot, Alexa! You never cease to amaze me. I'm not ready for Christmas, either, but I have plenty of nice ribbons ready and waiting. :)

  3. Great shows how fast that express train run.

    My PhotoHunt

  4. I think that is the fastest we've seen so far!
    ~ The Bunch

  5. May I echo: what an incredible shot!

    As for not feeling 'Christmas-y' ... I suggest that you may want to do less so you can enjoy yourself more.

    I cam to that after being ill (in one fashion or another) since Sept. There was no way a big hoopla was going to happen. So we scaled back, and did smaller things and asked for help from other people . . . and are having a much happier holiday.

  6. Thanks all—and especially to Lisa for the excellent advice. Sometimes I feel like I'm going at the same speed as this train. Going to take a deep breath right now, and try to enjoy the holidays. Here's wishing you all the same!

  7. Nice job, really fits the theme well.


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