Wednesday, December 2, 2009

abc wednesday - T is for "traffic"

Now this is my kind of traffic jam! And notice
how the delivery boat, private launch, and
vaporetto all give the right of way to the
traghetto (my fave way to get across the
Grand Canal). Very civilized.
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  1. Terrific shot! Definitely my kind of "traffic", too!

    Enjoy a great abc day!


  2. I definitely noticed Italians are extremely civilized when driving too.
    I felt very relaxed while driving there despite not really knowing where I was half the time.
    & This is a great shot Alexa-I love it.

  3. Wolfing down a Big Mac in a traffic jam like I see some people do doesn't begin to match this! What fun.

  4. Well, it's certainly a better traffic jam than the one on the road. Nice shot!

  5. If I compare with Eric's post from yestarday, I wonder why I still live close to Paris and not in Venice !!! Oh yes, I know, I don't speak Italian .....

  6. Hey is there room for one more on that exotic barge? It's been a long time pilgrim...hope this finds you well dear friend.

  7. A terrific way to travel in traffic!

  8. I could deal with that kind of traffic, too!


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