Monday, December 28, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

I went looking for this photo because I've been
craving a bunch of these grapes—some of the
sweetest I ever tasted.  Why is it that, more and 
more, many of my fondest memories of
the places I visit are all about food??  (I hope it's 
just because the places I like to visit the
most are in France and Italy.)

[You can see more Mellow Yellow here.]


  1. I got similar photo as yours, I might put on blog later. I guess the feeling of shopping in fruits market is fun isnt' it.

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes
    You Got A Posty

  2. i love fruits and we always welcome New Year with lots of fruits in our dining table.

  3. Those yellow grapes even look sweet. Is it too early to start planning a 2010 return trip to Italy? Fall might be a good time for grapes. Although sweet Italian grapes can be found packaged at any time thus.

  4. I haven't tasted or seen yellow grapes yet - only red, purple and green.
    Thanks for sharing this photo.

  5. Did they colour-code the stall especially for you, Alexa? A beautiful mellow yellow. And I usually feel pretty mellow after enjoying grapes TG's way. On the subject of food memories, I can recall every morsel I ate at each location in Italy. {But ask me where a photo was taken and I'm usually stumped.}

  6. I love grapes too! Happy Mellow Yellow Monday.

  7. Nothing can beat fresh fruits!

    Have a glimpse of a Japanese Yukata outfit at my page. Happy New Year!

  8. Nice yellow take and I see yellow bananas. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Those grapes look delicious! Never seen those kind before.

  10. It's the banana bunches that caught my eye.



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