Monday, December 7, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday

I made a really cool mosaic of holiday images
from all over town. Unfortunately, I can't seem to 
upload it to the blog. This was one of them:
downtown Brooklyn—where they've opted to string 
the lights every two feet across Court Street. 
 Hey, it's Brooklyn, so we can 
do whatever we want—fuggedaboutit!

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  1. Great photo!

    Curious about the mosiac ... what format was it?

    ( gif, png, jpg ) etc etc ???

  2. Hi, Speedcat. I used a website called Big Huge labs. It was a jpeg, and since I couldn't figure out how to get it into iPhoto, I tried to add it to my blog post as a url from the Web. It did have 16 images, so maybe it was just too big. Who knows—frustrating though.

  3. url's often do not work, especially at a protected site.

    Was the problem copying the photo once created at Huge Big Labs? Now you have me curious!

  4. I went there ... created a photo, and saved it in my photo album. Now I am really confused.

    ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa ! The picture did turn out pretty good

  5. Sorry about the mosaic problem. I hope Spedcat can get it solved. Or maybe you really should be checking out mosaics at some kind of Florentine location.

    There’s just something about your neighborhood. Bail Bonds? Santa’s gonna love it.

  6. Very nice! I am not good at making collages; never actually tried. I am technically challenged in that way; don't even do layers in Photoshop, but my godson is coming over tomorrow to show me...

    I wish I were in NYC/Brooklyn now for Xmas.

  7. Speedcat—are you on a PC? Please don't tell me it works on a PC but not on a Mac!!

    TG—I've been good, Santa, I promise! (Well, I tried, anyway.)

  8. Christmas lights sparkle
    in Brooklyn street, dazzling eyes—
    an electric treat!

    My Mellow Yellow

  9. Sorry to hear about your mosaic misfortune, Alexa ~ but I'm glad to see this part of it, at least! I'd love just one string of those lights for my garden. :)

  10. Wow it reminds me of my hometown too. Love to stroll around watching the different color of lights.

  11. This does make for a great photo op Alexa. This is beautiful!


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