Saturday, June 26, 2010

photo Hunter — "purple"

If I have to choose, I think maybe the purple
flowers are my favorites. How about you?

[You can see more purple here at tnchick's PhotoHunt.]


  1. Oh my...picture-perfect-purples! A beautiful collage, indeed!

  2. Beautiful purple flowers. Enjoy your weekend!

    Mariposa's PH!

  3. Your collage is breath taking. You should print and hang on the wall. It's a glorious representation of summer!

  4. Looking at your collection here, I'd say Purple! On any other day, I'd be hard pressed to choose, but white is right up there {though hard to convey with ink and watercolours!}

  5. Purple and shades of purple flowers are DEFINITELY my favorites. Lilacs, violets, some shades of peonies...


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