Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Hunter — "bubbles"

Another beautiful child captured by
my camera—found this little girl
amusing herself with bubbles in
Prospect Park when I was there last
summer celebrating my own
"little girl's" 30th birthday. 

[You can see more "bubbles" here.]


  1. I’m so glad to see those monkeys lightening up for a change. Could it be the photographer’s influence?

    Ah youth. Amazing how it lasts forever. Well, it looks like it almost could in your photo. In retrospect, though, it can be as fleeting as one of those bubbles. Best wishes to her for a healthy life well lived.

  2. I ust love to blow bubbles. It's soooo relaxing. I also like to go barefoot in mud. Maybe we both want grandchildren!

    This is a beautiful portrait.

  3. A lovely reminder of life's simple pleasures that we can enjoy at any age. Really sweet, Alexa!

  4. this is a very sweet picture. I posted a picture of this kind of bubble too :)


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