Monday, June 7, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Didn't come to swim myself (just for
a walk on the pier), but I'm glad to see that 
the lifeguard has a bright yellow
surfboard in case he has to rescue someone. 
 No MP3 player though.
Believe it or not, last year a lifeguard
at one of the Brooklyn beaches was
caught all plugged in while he was on duty—
one day after someone drowned in a riptide!

[You can see more Mellow Yellow here.]


  1. I just heard a man was run over while sunbathing on Long Beach by a cop patrolling the beach in his four wheel drive vehicle.
    How crazy is that?
    The man survived with a broken back.

  2. Banana-yellow surfboard! (Gee, Lily, that's awful news...)

    Here the other day a tram hit a man who was 'plugged in' while crossing the tram tracks...I can't imagine walking around with music in my ears, oblivious to city sounds.

  3. Oh, dear! I couldn't wander around 'plugged in' ~ even if I'm listening while cleaning here at home, I can only put one earplug in! I'm glad your mellow yellow lifeguard is keeping his ears open, Alexa.

  4. Plugged in is not something a lifeguard should be doing. I like the photo.

  5. Wishing you always a safe wave, a safe step ahead and a nice Tuesday as well.

    daily athens

  6. bright yellow surfboard
    ready to rescue swimmers
    who may be drowning

    Mound of Gold

  7. Life guards should be so rsponsible, people's life depend on it.

    In New Zealand, many are volunteers. They are so committed.

  8. Nice photo, swim between the flags ;)

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    A new photo challenge evey week, check it out...its abit different from the others.

    have a good one!

  9. Cool photo, I hope everyone stays safe this summer.


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