Wednesday, June 16, 2010

abc wednesday - V is for "Vatican"

Always impossible to see this place 
without hordes of people.

It may take a minute to download,

but totally worth it because you can use your
mouse to move around the room, and zoom in to see 
the details—AND you have the place all to yourself!
While you're there, check out the figure of King Minos 
(the guy who's having a painful problem
with a big snake) in the lower right corner of the
Last Judgment —it's Michelangelo's caricature of his 
enemy Biagio da Cesena, the Vatican official
who declared Last Judgment "unfit for sacred walls." As if!

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  1. very nice Alexa! I love the Sistine chapel. I was disappointed I couldn't photograph it while I was there.

  2. Wow. If anyone can the Vatican. Thanks for pointing out Biagio da Cesena. I wondered where the title of the Charleton Heston biopic of Michelangelo came from.

  3. I have never been to the Vatican, but will take your tour in a few minutes.

    'vions' is my WV---another 'V'.

  4. We learn so much each ABC Wednesday, especially when people like yourself take so much time to share!

    Thanks so much
    ABC Team

  5. What a great link too, Alexa ~ and your knowledge always improves mine.

  6. informative tour.
    awesome v post.

    mine is #71.

  7. I have been to the Vatican twice, but have yet to see the Sistine Chapel. Maybe next time...

  8. Thanks for the online tour. I've been to the chapel both before and after the restoration and the vibrance of color "after" was amazing. I almost prefer the "before" version because it seems more authentic. Either way, it's a mind boggling piece of artistry.

  9. what a clever idea; thanks for pointing it out

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


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