Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Challenge: Metallic

This soon-to-be completed 76-story
Frank Gehry building on Spruce Street, in the 
financial district, will be New York's 
tallest residential tower. It's clad in 18-gauge
stainless steel and the shallow setbacks make it appear
to ripple in the sunlight—pretty cool.

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photos here.]


  1. That's a stunning sight! Maybe you could post a photo of this building again after it's finished?

  2. That's gorgeous. Brave to the architect.

  3. I really like the subtlety. It’s subdued for a Gehry. But stainless steel. Puts me in mind of a heist flic like Sean Connery’s The Anderson Tapes. Let’s see, we’ll jump a cable from a subway power source. Hook it up to the building with one little intermediate step. Then it’s, “Your money or you’re toast!”

  4. Amazing ! And certainly a challenge for the architect and workers !!
    Do you know if they provide the sun glasses along with the helmet ???

  5. Gorgeous! I love the IAC building (on the 11th avenue) too. A very photogenic architecture.

  6. wow! this is really cool & so is your perspective of this building, nice shot!
    Thanks for sharing this Alexa!

  7. Pierre piqued my IAC curiosity. Nice stuff. Thanks for the heads up Pierre.


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