Monday, June 28, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

As I may have mentioned— :~} —you won't
catch me forking over any euros to ride in
a gondola. But that doesn't mean I don't
appreciate their beauty!

[You can find more touches of red at
the Ruby Tuesday meme, here.]


  1. It is expensive, isn't it? Oh's just as much fun to watch them in action! Looks like these two are taking a break. Great shot.

  2. I wonder how much is the going rate right now. I want to try it someday soon:) nice capture!

  3. Oh, have you no shame, Alexa? Any excuse for a gratuitous photo of Venice. :) Seriously, though, that's beautiful.

  4. Exactly....the same sentiment for me on the sea...I love it from the shore, but you won't see me "ON" it.

    My Tuesday Post

  5. my husband & I did on our honeymoon. I think it was fun?
    Whatever the case, this picture is beautiful.

  6. Lily -- I think I'd probably make an exception for a really romantic moment, like a wedding or honeymoon!


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