Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Challenge: Family

I watched this family of snow monkeys
for a long time. The little one was being 
total pest—and if he was looking for
attention from his elders, he definitely got it.
 Looks like he knows he's in trouble now!

[See how others interpreted this challenge here.]


  1. This is a great photo, Alexa. Kind of reminds me of me once. And yes, I got my butt kicked (or rather my eye “shined”).

    New York. Who knows? Maybe one day in the future this family will become part of our family.

  2. LOL, TG !!!
    Interesting way to "translate" the challenge, Alexa. I like it !!!

  3. There's only 1 percent difference in human and chimp DNA, I believe, and probably not too much more than that in other monkeys. 'Kids' of both species have a lot in common.

  4. You can feel the cheekiness from here!

  5. Excellent photo, good catch. And so true...


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