Monday, June 14, 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

Here are two bottles of the good stuff for
toasting the 2nd anniversary (!) of this blog—and 
all the wonderful people who visit (you know who you are).
Some of you I've met in person, some are still 
virtual pals—but I consider all of you true friends!
(As always, a special shout-out to "mon capitain," 
Eric from Paris Daily Photo, who started 
it all and inspired SO many daily photo bloggers.)

[You can see more Mellow Yellow here.]


  1. And yet another friend: The “veuve” of Veuve Clicquot.

    Usually you tickle my eyes each day but today you are tickling my nose. Salut!

    And thanks! You nearly always make my day.

    Cheers for the Champagne and cheers to you, as in: “Rah rah!”

  2. Well, isn't she a sight for hungover eyes? Thanks, TG (you nearly always make my day too)! :~}

  3. Happy anniversary!! Hope your bubbly was better than mine, but I drank it anyway.

  4. Oh, hooray, clink clink! Nice choice! Congratulations, dear Alexa, and thank you so much for taking me along with you on the road that's yours. I'm glad to know you! {And yes, cheers also to dear Eric for starting it all...}

  5. Congratulations! Here to many more anniversaries!

  6. Bon anniversaire à l'un de mes blogs favoris, qui me fait rêver, admirer, m'enthousiasmer.... bref, aimer notre monde et tous ceux avec qui nous le partageons !!!
    Un grand MERCI à toi, Alexa, ça méritait bien une Veuve Clicquot ou deux !

  7. Well Happy Anniversary and what a great way to celebrate.

  8. wow, I nearly missed this! how could that be!
    Congratulations on two years of beautiful pictures and interesting posts dear Alexa. I am so glad to have met you. I look forward to your post every day & I look forward to many more!

  9. Am I too late to partake of some bubbly with you?

    Happy Anniversary, Alexa. Your photos keep getting better and better!


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