Saturday, June 5, 2010

Photo Hunter — "sparkles"

I was once lucky enough to stay for a few days at a
house up above this river in Idaho. When the sun shone 
on the cool, clear water, it positively sparkled.
There was a lovely spot set up down on the bank where 
you could sit and meditate on this beautiful
scene—if you could stop worrying about one of 
the local bears joining you, that is!

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  1. Bears, really ! But did you go in their neigborhood od did they come in yours ? Sorry, weekend and morning, hard to think in English !!
    So peaceful and relaxing ! Great picture !

  2. Yeah, they tend to hog all the good spots, like here.

    Ah, the sounds and fragrances and the kiss on one’s bare skin of that sparkling sunshine like a bubbly champagne of happy photons.

  3. I just love all the sparkly water shots! So beautiful...what a wonderful spot! My sparkle post is up at

  4. Oh oh I think I can't close my eyes to mediate if bears will surely and gladly love to join me hahaha. Happy Saturday!


  5. That is sparkling water of a different kind! Bears...gosh. I've seen them crossing roads in the PNW, but would not like to meet one on foot, or sitting while meditating...

  6. Just bring your pepper spray and stop worrying about the bears.

    Great shot.

    My PhotoHunt is here: Beauty Queen


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