Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

This is Tony Rosenthal's steel
sculpture "5 in 1," which represents the 5 
boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn,
Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.
Check out this link to see what it looked like 
in its prime and why it doesn't still 
look quite that pristine and shiny. 
 I also learned that graffiti has been a big 
problem—which is a bit surprising when you 
consider that this thing is in front of 1 Police Plaza!

[See more from around the globe at
That's My World, here.]


  1. That is surprising!
    I wish it could be like new again. Its original state is so brilliant by comparison, though it is still pretty cool as it stands today.

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  3. There are similar sculptures here, but they're just not for me. Ours here are in bad shape, too!

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  5. That's a great sculpture for symbolizing the five boroughs of NYC. What a shame that it gets hit with graffiti. Unfortunately, the police can't stand there and guard it 24-7. Still, it is an interesting sculpture.

  6. I’m afraid it kind of happens to the best of sites. Take, for example, the Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna then and now. Not to mention the Louvre’s most famous Venus or that airhead Nike of Samothrace.

    Only if you are in the mood for the Stones’ Ruby Tuesday covered by the Corrs (with Ron Wood!). Ooh, that Irish accent that creeps in now and again sends me backbone to shiverin’.


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