Friday, June 18, 2010

Skywatch Friday

Do you recognize this? It's the Vendome
Column, the first thing you see when you exit 
the Ritz Hotel, in Paris. It was originally
erected by the little guy with the big ego—no, 
not Sarkozy, Napoleon—and modeled
after Trajan's column, to celebrate the
victory of Austerlitz.

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  1. You sure got the light right on this one. Wowie zowie.

    Really? That’s Napoléon Bonaparte up there? Because he’s standing alone I always figured it was this guy.

  2. Ah, Place Vendome. Years ago I worked on Rue de la Paix and saw this column/guy every day. Hard to miss, even little Napoleon!

  3. Pointy-topped doo-dad! Err, is it disrespectful to talk about Napoleon that way? A great one for Skywatch, Alexa!

  4. Two centuries old, or thereabouts, and still in great shape. I Love the angle to shot this from. The light is wonderful.

  5. I wish I did recognize this because then maybe that would mean I was actually there at some point in my life!

  6. This was a wonderful picture!

  7. Ah, says he wistfully.
    A gorgeous photo, but the location!

  8. Thats a very nice shot of an interesting location!

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