Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marry Me!

Came across this romantic scene as I was crossing the
Brooklyn Bridge one evening. I was SO sorry I 
couldn't hang around until Paula got there. The fellow 
here on the phone is clearly the one in all those 
photos (he's probably talking with his fiancée-to-be). 
 And I'll bet that when she arrived, she did say yes!
{And I hope he didn't do what this other romantic fellow 
did a few months back.}

[See more of the world here.]


  1. Sooo romantic and soooo American too !!
    You, folks, really do apply Shakespeare's (I think !) quote :"Live is a theater" !!!!

  2. Oh, no wonder you hoped you could linger to see Paula's reaction. That is romantic! And that's some story you linked to, Alexa ~ I was relieved it had a happy ending.

  3. Oh, that's soooo nice. I wish them much happiness. I do remember the other fellow who 'dropped' the ring.

  4. oh, so sweet and romantic! i hope she said "yes".:p


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