Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

These adorned the table at Le Boeuf
à la Mode, where I've enjoyed several

great meals compliments of good (and
generous) friends who live right around
the corner (with this amazing view).
If you're looking for real French food on
the Upper East Side, this is the place.
And I'd like to offer this bouquet of
roses to my friend Lily Hydrangea,
whose birthday this is—Happy Birthday,
dear blogpal!

[And you can see more Shadow Shots here.]


  1. If the view isn't enough, they have a beautiful French restaurant just around the corner? Wow, that is nice!!

    Happy birthday, Lily!

  2. The restaurant sounds good, and now I want to make some boeuf a la mode. Promised my son some boeuf bourgignon for his upcoming birthday; maybe I'll switch...

    It's so nice to see flowers's snowing here..

  3. ooooh what beautiful flowers!

  4. Alexa! I am so touched. Thank you for thinking of me.
    & your shadows are really so lovely too!

  5. Gorgeous flowers and shadows! Such a wonderful reminder of spring in the midst of this awful winter.


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