Wednesday, February 10, 2010

abc wednesday - D is for "discarded"

Aaaawww—too bad.  When I'm feeling down, I can
get an instant lift just by wearing something red, and 
there are little touches of crimson scattered
around my house—a teakettle, a candle 
lamp, a spray of winterberries . . .
Maybe this sofa proved to be too much of a good thing. 
 I hope they didn't replace it with something gunmetal gray.

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  1. I'm wearing red today, since I needed some color, and your sofa helps, too.

    Grab it and I'll send you this armchair to go with it.

  2. That sofa has nice bones ~ I'm sure it would have come up beautifully with reupholstery! Why don't I find things like that on the side of the road...

  3. That's too pretty to be discarded. I like the color too red sofa!!

    D is for Dad

  4. this is so nice, I hope someone picked it up before the snow came!

  5. your right, if I am in a gloomy mood the color I wear can lift my spirits a bit. Red is always fun! It was a cheerful discard. ~

  6. There's a cottage industry in Albany, NY of taking the discarded things on garbage night before the trash folk come. This might have been scooped up.

  7. That couch is still in great shape from what I can see from behind. It may need some new cushions and upholstery, but the bones are fine.

  8. Oh, I've been desiring a red sofa for a decade. Wish I'd found it first! :) Great shot, just great!

  9. On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!


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