Thursday, February 11, 2010

It snowed yesterday . . .

. . . and it's supposed to keep on snowing overnight.
I took all these shots on my block, three on my
way to work (where it seemed to be just me and
the dog walkers) and one on the way home.  It's
probably the last big snow (I hope) of the 
season, but it IS pretty, I admit.


  1. these are so pretty Alexa! I love the footprints the best.

  2. PS
    I can't believe you went to work! you are a trooper.

  3. It IS pretty, Alexa!! {Spoken like someone who never has to live with snow.} :)

  4. ooooh pretty winter wonderland!

  5. Marianne told me she had a 'snow day' from school. Some people have all the 'luck,' since it's snowed here, but no snow day....

    I love your peaceful quartet.

  6. Love your quartet of photos! It makes me miss NYC.

    I remember going to Central Park for a photo op (and freezing my behinds off) during the last snow storm when I was still in NYC. What a glorious place to be. It was all white and clean, and there were hardly anyone on the street.

  7. I'll say it snowed! I can't believe you made it to work. I knew you would post lovely snow photos. Thanks for not disappointing me.

    Found some other nice snow photos here: scroll down to see Fifi in the snow.

    Stay warm.

  8. Snow makes things look so much nicer, even if you do freeze your fingers, nose and toes. Lovely group of images today!!


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