Sunday, February 14, 2010

shadow Shot Sunday

Antonio Canova was a true romantic.
This is the plaster cast for his masterpiece
"Psyche Revived By Cupid's Kiss" (which
can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
here in NYC).  There are marble versions in
the Louvre and the Hermitage.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Hi and Happy Valentine's Day. Took me a second to see where Psyche's head was!

  2. Happy Valentine's day Alexa!
    Beautiful sculpture, Thanks for the links too, interesting.

  3. Terrific shot. So dramatic.

    Have a happy Heart's Day to you.

  4. This could be its own chapter here.

    As residents of New York City I wonder what they might do for transportation. Those wings fluttering on a crowded subway would not likely tickle anyone’s fancy. Oh, but of course.


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