Friday, February 19, 2010

Skywatch Friday

It was a dull gray sky behind these cranes
in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a few weeks ago.
Looked just a bit different from a mile
or two away . . . as seen last time.

[You can see some awesome Skywatch pix here.]


  1. I have been having dull, gray skies, but miraculously, it's sunny today. These machines always make me think of Star Wars.

  2. The cranes lent good colors to a dull sky. Very nice photo.

  3. the gray sky makes a perfect backdrop for these brightly colored cranes.

  4. PS
    re your link & Lila's photo, she definitely has a good eye. It always amazes me when talented people act like their work is nothing - that anyone could take such an awesome shot!
    The bad news is, my son wants to go to NYU! I can't imagine what the cost will be in two years - that is, if he gets in!

  5. The color of the cranes make a good contrast of the dull sky. Happy weekend!


  6. Nothing like colorful cranes to liven up gray skies!! What a terrific shot, Alexa! Hope you get some sun soon! Have a great weekend!



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