Wednesday, February 24, 2010

abc wednesday - F is for "fromage"

This is the well-stocked cheese cart at the Grand Véfour
in Paris.  It's been in business overlooking the 
Palais Royal gardens for about 225 years. I heard
that they'd lost their 3rd Michelin star a couple 
of years ago.  Don't know if they got it back, but I don't 
care.  I've been fortunate enough to eat here
twice—and I'd love to do it again (and again and again).  
 First time, we were seated at what was once 
Victor Hugo's "usual" table.  Last time, it was
Napoleon and Josephine's!

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  1. Cheese, in any language, is one of my favorite foods!

    Great post.

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  3. Now you're talking. I positively ADORE French cheeses and the smell of a fromagerie drive me wild. I prefer the stronger cheeses.

    Do you know Chaource? One of my favorites.

  4. What a great place! I love cheese in any language, too and how fun it would be to visit a place that has been in business for soooo long! Marvelous! Have a great day, Alexa!


  5. Mmmmm... cheese! Sounds good.

  6. Sounds like a great place to grab something to make the tummy smile.
    I'm ready to go!

  7. Thanks so much for contributing, a lovely post! I adore cheese!
    Denise (ABC Team)

  8. I truly love cheese. This is a perfect post for the letter F.

  9. Why does everything sound better in FRENCH?

  10. Thanks for stopping by, guys! I really appreciate it.
    (And, Bibi -- I don't think I'm familiar with Chaource, but I'm off to the 3rd Ave. cheese shop at the very first opportunity!)

  11. Oh, wonderful cheese! Great F choice!


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