Wednesday, February 25, 2009

new york at night

Went to see my friends Elynn and David,
who live on the 39th floor of their cloud
and have 360° views of Manhattan and
beyond.  This is just part of their
spectacular view (looking south).


  1. I ran my mouse across the image wondering if it would do this from the link Eric provided last July 21st.

    With a pair of binoculars one could easily make out the Chrysler Building gargoylechimerastrygia excrescences.

    Although they must be used to it, do your friends ever tire of the view?

  2. TG, gargoylechimerastrygia sounds like a very nasty case of something, even without the excrescences.

    Alexa, do they ever have problems getting their friends to leave at the end of festivities? I think I'd have to be dragged, fingernails scraping futilely across the floor. Very embarrassing.

  3. TG -- nice link! No, I believe they really appreciate their primo view of gargoylechimerastrygia, and
    Shell -- yeah, and it's a fairly big place—surely there's room for one more (moi!).


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