Monday, February 15, 2010

mellow Yellow Monday

This is Raffetto's. It's been in business since 1906,
and more than 100 years in this little store on Houston
Street, in the Village. It's now the 3rd generation of the
family making the most amazing pasta and ravioli.
Most of their business is wholesale (to many of NYC's
best food stores and restaurants), so I'm glad 
they continue to run the shop—and I hope they're 
here for another century!

[See more Mellow Yellow here.]


  1. woowww...such amazing selection of pasta....wish we could have a store like that here.join me too for MYM.

  2. That acini di pepe looks nondescript until you notice that you can make Frog’s Eye Salad with it! OK, a bit of an exaggeration but the recipe link is there above.

  3. I hope they're around for another century too, Alexa ~ assuming we still eat pasta by then. Oh dear, my wv is pootio. That's what I'd think if pasta wasn't around any more.

  4. Sounds-a good. I love pasta...

  5. are those pasta? wow, thats amazing. pasta of different varieties.

    my entry:
    embrace life
    more than just a sahm

  6. We don't have such pasta heaven in my place. How I wish it exist here too!! :)
    Happy MYM!!

  7. Love the color!

    Now I want pasta for lunch!

  8. Ooh! Nice store to visit - and so much yellow. Fresh pasta is a favorite with me.

  9. wow I would love to be able to visit there one day love vintage and pasta so this would be like heaven

  10. Now you've do it - I'm hungry.

    Very interesting shot. Do they ship to Michigan?


  11. Uhhh - "done it."

    still, Cheers!

  12. When I lived around the corner on Thompson Street I used to love getting my fresh pasta here Alexa!
    Thankfully now they import it to Fairway in Plainview so I can get my fix.


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