Saturday, February 13, 2010

photo Hunter — "broken"

Was leaving my building to go to work
one day, and I got here to the front
door about 20 seconds after it just kind of 
spontaneously . . . exploded!
I'd like to thank my own good timing and 
whoever invented tempered glass!


  1. That happened to me once in out kitchen when one of the clear-glass coffee cups I had just exploded! I'm glad I wasn't near it. Today, while walking Bibi in our freshly-fallen deep snow, I heard a big 'crack' and a huge branch on a pine fell...right in front of me.

    Glad you took this photo! Hmmm....would the Invisible Man break glass if he tried to pass through it?

  2. Frack, that would scare the heck out of me! And as for Bibi's close calls, phew ~ I'm so glad Bibi and her devoted helper did not sustain any injuries!

  3. Speaking of glad, I’m glad Sunday’s theme is not broken.


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