Saturday, February 27, 2010

photo Hunter — "daily"

This guy is at the subway exit every morning,
flogging this free paper (which folks tend to grab 
on the fly, with barely a "thank you").
I don't even have time to read the NY Times
online! How about you?  Do you read your local rag?

[See more takes on the "daily" theme here.]


  1. Yes, but mostly because they have the New York Times Crossword in it. There is something like a six-week time lag out here. Although today’s was a Friday I nailed it without cheating via Google research. I guess that means it was an easy Friday.

    Looks like the The Green Hornet has a few remaining to hand out over there on the right.

  2. I'm in my car a lot so I tend to get my news ala NPR & 1010 WINS.
    I'd rather read the NY Times offline than on though most days if I have spare time I blog when I'm on the computer!
    I like this photo Alexa.

  3. good one! my sunday paper is my daily - lasts/takes me all week. and my locals are weeklys.

  4. always read the you will see from my daily.
    Mine's up, too.

  5. I do like to read the paper it is more fulfilling than reading it online for me

  6. They have a free paper here, too, but I never manage to get it, since I go to work too early and don't pass by the major intersections where they had it out or else deposit it. I do read one newspaper every day, but not necessarily cover-to-cover.

  7. Yes I do read our local mag. That is when I noticed that the crime is closing in, in our neighborhood. I live in the country side and a weekly local news is great. Happy weekend!

    My Daily Kitty

  8. I canceled my subscription because it just got too expensive. Some undoubtedly think I'm nuts but I have no idea what's going on in the world unless somebody talks about it at work. I don't have a clue what President Bush and his wife Barbara have been up to lately. Sorry I'm a day late getting to your post, but great take on the theme.


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