Tuesday, February 23, 2010

That's My World Tuesday

And recently my world has been all about the
snow. Took this a week ago, early in the
A.M., from my bedroom window. What melts
as soon as it hits the ground in Manhattan stays 
around for a week in Brooklyn. Was
hoping that this was the last snow 0f 2009,
but I hear we may be in for a bit more this week.

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  1. It has indeed been a winter of extremes! It seems the east coast and the central US have had an incredibly long, snowy, cold winter this year and here in Seattle it has been the warmest winter on record. Last year we had the most snow in over 30 years. Amazing! Always love your photos! Hope you have a great week, Alexa!


  2. I would imagine you are getting tired of it. The first snowfall of the season can be a delight, by now it must be a pain.

  3. enlarging this would give you the full impact of its beauty. what a neat capture.

  4. enlarging this would give you the full impact of its beauty. what a neat capture.

  5. Oh, this is so weird, Alexa. I have a very, very similar shot that I took the other day. Must remember to send it to you.

    Really nice chilly photo! You need some hot mushroom soup to warm you, ha, ha. ;)

  6. This opposing seasons thing can be quite restorative at times ~ after a swelterer here, your photo has lowered my core temp by at least one significant degree...

  7. Same here we are covered with 6 inches of snow. ^_^

    My World: Bavarian Inn

  8. Still a cold world. Nice shot.

  9. So much snow - everywhere - you have a beautiful view from your bedroom.

  10. beautiful capture! the photo already makes me feel cooler against our warm er... hot weather. :-)


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